Friday, February 18, 2011

Hackers Attack Canadian Cyber Systems

OTTAWA, 18 FEBRUARY, 2011: The Canadian government confirmed Thursday that its computer systems fell victim to a concerted and sophisticated cyber attack in recent months but stressed that the attack was thwarted before classified information could be stolen, CNN reported and published on it's website.

"Every indication we have at this point is that our sensors and our cyber-protection systems got the alerts out in time, that the information doors were slammed shut," said Stockwell Day, a Canadian cabinet minister in charge of government operations.

But he added that the attack took direct aim at sensitive financial data prompting Canada to launch an unprecedented investigation into how and why its systems were compromised.

"I wouldn't say it's the most aggressive, but it was a significant one -- significant that they were going after financial records," said Day.

Using a technique called 'spear-phishing', the government confirms that hackers were able to embed programs into government computer systems that acted as 'cyber spies.'

Governments around the world have been scrambling to get ahead of hackers who are increasingly bold in their attempts too steal classified data.


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