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Attack 'the most horrible thing ever' - victim's mother

Wanganui Girls' College says it is doing everything it can to prevent footage of a savage attack on one of its students being circulated.

Graphic cell phone video footage has surfaced showing a prolonged and vicious assault that left a a 15-year-old girl bleeding from her ears and needing hospital treatment.

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The footage, which has been circulated around several Whanganui schools, shows the girl being pushed to the ground by another Girls' College student, before she is kicked and sustains a series of punches to her head.

As the girl lies on the ground, the assailant is seen standing over her and kicking her in the back before stomping on her head.

The attack occurred outside school hours on March 8, and the students involved were not in the grounds of Wanganui Girls' College at the time.

The attacker has appeared in the Youth Court and has been excluded from school.

Wanganui Girls' College principal Vivanne Murphy said the school has been making students remove the footage from their phones.

She said social networking sites make it easy for students to circulate those sorts of things.

The victim's mother was alerted to the assault by a neighbour. She went out to find her daughter lying beaten and unconscious on the grass.

The mother said it was "the most horrible thing ever" to see her daughter in such a state.

She was happy with how the school had dealt with the incident, but wished parents, schools and the Government would do more to stop bullying.

"[Schools] can only punish [students who bully] with expelling them and to me that's not enough.

"These kids know they won't get arrested because they're too young. That's why they do it."

The woman said parents also had some responsibility for their children's behaviour.

She described the attitude of the parents of the alleged attacker as "very disappointing".

"If my daughter was the one doing the bullying, I'd put a stop to it. I'd see it as my responsibility too."

Two weeks after the assault, the girl still suffers from headaches, is scared and lies awake at night.

"I keep getting flashbacks and I can't really sleep," she said.

Wanganui Girls' College is setting her schoolwork to do at home.

The father of another Wanganui Girls' College student showed the footage of the assault to Chronicle staff yesterday.

Neither the father nor his daughter want to be identified. The father said the images made him "sick to my stomach".
"It made me feel physically ill after seeing it."

He said he and his family had considered taking their daughters out of the school because of what had happened.

"We've considered the safety of our girls but it's pretty hard because bullying like this happens in every school.

"But this is the worst thing I've ever seen.

Sure, someone might get a belt around the ears occasionally and that's an end of it. But I've never seen anything as brutal as this.

"A lot of people would have seen that bullying incident on TV involving the young boys but that's nothing like this assault. This one is just vicious," the father said.

His daughter said she was not sure where the assault took place but had been sent the footage of the assault by a friend. She said she had no idea how her friend had got the images.

She had watched the footage once but would not watch it again.

By John Maslin from the Wanganui Chronicle

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