Saturday, April 9, 2011

8 terbunuh dalam ribut pasir

Ingatkan kat kuwait je ada ribut pasir...kat german pun ada...

Eight killed in rare German sandstorm

n the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, a rare sandstorm leading to a highway pile-up has claimed the lives of eight people, while injuring at least 41.

On Friday, the northern German city of Rostock's police spokesman Volker Werner said that rescue operations were still underway and that "Unfortunately, it looks like the death toll could rise further,” the Associated Press reported.

According to Werner, some 110 people in 80 cars and three trucks were affected by the chain-accident near the Baltic Sea.

Some lost their lives as vehicles caught fire after collision.

"One truck has crashed on a car, so we don't know yet how many people are in the car below it," the police spokesman told reporters.

According to reports, some cars were found 50 meters away from their initial locations, after crashing.

It is still unknown as to whether impaired vision caused by the sandstorm, or slippery conditions caused by the sand blown onto the road by strong winds were responsible for the accident.


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