Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Komen2 rakyat selepas tonton video seks didakwa dsai

Sumber: Malaysiakini

Abasir: The chap in the sarong kind of looks like one of those rent-a-crowd fellas regularly demonstrating against PKR. The other chap appears to be the movie director giving last-minute instructions. What I can't figure out is that nasty stain on his trousers.

But seriously, I must admit to being a bit disappointed. Once again, we have to rely on the Thais for this piece of creativity...

Limml: Shazryl Eskay Abdullah has claimed that the video was recorded in a Kuala Lumpur hotel on Feb 21. But why a hotel in Bangkok 'claims' copyright?

Kenyalang: The video doesn't make sense. If this is indeed Anwar Ibrahim, which I doubt, why was he talking to another man and risking exposure? The timing seems odd, too. So near to another significant election. I don't think anyone would be doing anything risky.

Having said that, I don't know what the video is trying to prove. That if you "fool around", you will be a bad leader? So if you are married, like senior BN candidates (in Sarawak), you'd make a good leader?

Black Mamba: The posting of the video on Youtube has backfired on BN and has now been removed. I viewed it last night and it shows an Anwar lookalike.

At first glance, it resembles him but looking over it closely, this lookalike has a fair complexion, taller, broad from the rear view, flabby with his male breasts protruding out like someone who has a bit too much female hormones in the system and lacking exercise.

Survivor: Datuk Trio, next time you want to make another porno movie to frame DSAI (Anwar), please get a porn actor who is physically in proportion to Anwar. It is no point getting someone who almost looks like him, but everything else is different. It is obviously not him.

Multi Racial: As expected, the Datuk T trio denied leaking the video to YouTube. Let's analyse this. Only these three have the tape and they claimed to have passed it to the police. So it is either three of them or the police... right?

Anyway, in life when you lie once, that habit will continue for the rest of your life. So I doubt the leak came from the police. It boils down to these three. I want to know what the police are doing. Why the police are not charging the trio? It is intolerable to have such scumbags getting away with their illegal act.

Naaah!: The video is as crystal clear as a porn movie. But why black and white? It's not Anwar. Look at his chest. And his face looks much younger than Anwar. This is what plastic surgery or costume cannot change.

Anonymous_40a7: It looks like Anwar Ibrahim, sounds like Anwar... but I am sure it isn't Anwar.

Wira: What a poor effort. If you want to frame someone, don't be so sloppy. Don't simply get a middle-age fat slob lookalike with big tummy and drooping breasts and pass him off as Anwar. That guy in the video has a body shape closer to Najib than Anwar.

Freemsia: Is this the best Umno can do? He is way too overweight to be Anwar. Anwar is slimmer and you can see the man in the video has big love handles. Is this the best Umno can do? The least they could do is pay the look-a-like to go on a diet to lose the love handles and belly.

Pragmatic: It would have been very stupid of Anwar to have a third party in the room where the so-called rendezvous took place. The name of the game in such matters is privacy, total privacy, especially if you are a prospective future national leader. In this case, the third party purposely ensured that he was also 'caught' in the video.

Anwar may have let his pants down on some occasions, but definitely not this time. No way is it Anwar. The final issue is why the video was captured in black and white when we have the most high-tech colour technology available. I smell something fishy here.

AlexToo: The video is most probably fake. Otherwise it should be in colour and with audio. Is it so difficult to capture the audio? If we can hear the men talking, then it will be clear whether he is Anwar or not.

I'm no fan of Anwar, but I believe this is the way BN play the game during an important election. They just want to swing as many voters as possible away from the opposition parties. After the election, all this will stop automatically.

The opposition need to concentrate on the Sarawak's election, not on this video. Pakatan Rakyat must still be seen as a force even without Anwar. That is their challenge.

Bahadur Shah: Anwar or not, Umno/BN is doomed. That's its future by their slanderous, dirty, despicable and continuous act against their single political enemy, Anwar Ibrahim. Why fear him so much? Using the whole government machinery and might at your disposal, and still you couldn't beat him? What a shame

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